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The SH Hidráulica

Group SH was founded in 1995 and it embraces the companies SH Hidráulica and SH Service, which offers innovation and solutions in the hydraulic and pneumatic fields.

The company manufactures Balloon and Membrane Hydropneumatic Accumulators, and the Piston one is made in carbon steel with nickel or Rilsan coating and stainless steel for 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 PSI in accordance to ASME VIII Div. I and NR13 norms.

We manufacture spare parts and we service accumulators in general.

We are an authorized distributor in Brazil of Firestone Industrial Produtos, besides offering a wide range of other products.

Our current product line has process, analytical and control valves, sensors, flow meters, temperature, pressure and mass meters, pneumatic springs, pneumatic cushions, directional and auxiliary valves, actuators, cylinders, air preparation kits (filters, pressure regulators, lubricators and manometers), as well as connectors in general, hoses and tubes. A wide range of components can be found in our line of products.

Skillful professionals for project development and advisement along with a large and well programmed stock ensure the Brazilian reference of Grupo SH.

Besides being in the charge of all product manufacturing and distribution with high technology and respected quality, Grupo SH also provides authorized technical service and project development.

We service all our line of products. An equipped structure and highly skilled professionals ensure the respected quality of services in Brazil.


Overcome market demands with high quality products, agility and humanization of every department.
Offer services with maximum excellence and integrate quick solutions.
Exceed clients’ expectations and be the most reliable and innovative partner.


Be the reference in the hydraulic and pneumatic segments with efficient and innovative solutions, quality and excellence to meet deadlines.
Be known as the best and the most complete group in the hydraulic and pneumatic segments.


Work in teams

Grupo SH is specialized in hydropneumatic accumulator manufacture, balloons reservoirs, preload devices, spare parts and maintenance of Brazilian and imported accumulators.

We count on a highly skilled and updated staff which is committed to our differential that is being a highly competitive company in cost and deadline, along with the commitment of our clients’ targets.

Our line of products is very wide. We have:
• Balloon, Membrane and Piston Hydropneumatic Accumulators;
• Balloon Reservoirs;
• Preload Devices;
• Maintenance of Hydropneumatic Accumulators;
• Spare Parts;
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders;
• Pneumatic Springs;
• Pneumatic Cushions;
• Actuators;
• Filters;
• Process, Directional and Auxiliary Valves;
• Sensors;
• Flow meters, temperature, pressure, and mass meters;
• Air Preparation kits;
• Lubricators;
• Manometers;
• Hoses.

The technology used in this line of products is in accordance to strict quality norms and demand, so excellent performance is found in hydraulic circuits and industrial installations of energy, siderurgy, industrial, ceramics, food, cellulose and oilfield sectors.