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FOLE – for Air Suspension

FOLE is a pneumatic spring by FIRESTONE, which is applied in air suspensions of buses, wagons, trucks, carts, etc.

FOLE FIRESTONE spring is manufactured with strengthened rubber with nylon thread, the one used in tires, which doesn’t have any problem with sealers and it works without friction. When the parameters of the effective area, volume and air pressure can be changed, a wide scale of features is applicable to a simple pneumatic spring.

It is important to bear in mind that the rubber doesn’t support the load which is supported by an air column. FOLE spring is a packaging carefully designed to keep this air cushion.

• Variation capacity of the modulus of elasticity, simply by increasing or decreasing the air pressure what can be made automatically, with the same height control valves;
• It can keep a constant height when loaded or empty automatically too, with the same height control valves which modify the modulus of elasticity;
• It keeps the suspension quality or frequency constant relatively if the vehicle is loaded or empty;
• It reduces or eliminated the maintenance expenditure due to trips, irregular journeys, with the empty vehicle;
• It provides load equality among axles in the case of suspensions;
• It is coupled;
• The driver feels less tired;
• It provides more comfort for passenger transport;
• Low maintenance cost of the suspension and the whole vehicle.