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Environmental Policy

1 ) Establish actions for the social responsibility to the public direct and indirectly involved , present in their area of ​​expertise , contributing with respect to the environment and sustainable development;

2 ) Develop environmental management actions to ensure compliance with current legislation, environmental regulations and other requirements demanded by environmental agencies ;

3 ) Make a commitment of continuous improvement by regularly reviewing their environmental performance in order to meet environmental goals and achieve goals set by themselves , adapting where necessary environmental policy mutation of activities , products and services ;

4 ) Maintain constant dialogue with all interested parties , considering their concerns about environmental issues , environmental management system and its own operation ;

5 ) contribute to educational initiatives for environmental awareness of all employees and the community ;

6 ) To stimulate and encourage all employees and contractors to perform their activities in a disciplined way , with respect for the environment , preventing possible environmental impacts ;

7 ) To adopt appropriate management practices to mitigate environmental impacts of its activities , products and services , reducing and / or preventing pollution , making rational use of natural resources;

8 ) Disseminate all relevant environmental management requirements , ensuring the promotion of training for employees, suppliers and service providers , in order to consolidate the correct environmental practice and meet all environmental conditions in accordance with the relevant laws ;

9 ) Establish environmental objectives and targets in line with significant environmental aspects , prioritizing technological options and financial requirements;

10 ) Set standards of environmental conduct for all employees, suppliers and service providers in order to meet the legal requirements and other regulations related to its activities related to operation and the fulfillment of environmental determinants of environmental legislation;

11 ) Define procedure for emergency and proactive role in prevention and control of pollution in any form , and continuously monitor the practice of environmental policy of its employees , suppliers and service providers ;

12 ) Carry out internal environmental audits to assess the effectiveness of environmental policy , and where necessary make adjustments to continuous improvement of processes .