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Balloon Hydropneumatic Accumulator

This product provides excellent cost/ benefit ratio.
It is manufactured with a seamless steel bottle, with a cylinder-shape body and hemispherical ends in accordance to criteria and norms.

It is machined for component assembly and balloon insertion.
The balloon is the separator element between the fluid and the gas; the answer time is extremely quick.

There are many functions for balloon accumulator applications, the main one is to receive the fluid under pressure and at a certain volume, and supply the same volume to the system, when needed.

The accumulators work in accordance to the Gas Law (Boyle), the pressure varies inversely to the volume.
When the pressure is high, the gas is compressed and the liquid is absorbed immediately, which delivers to the system the volume at the rated pressure.

In order to have the maintenance procedures or the preload reading, the system should be turned off and depressurized.

It is important to have the hydrostatic test at regular intervals in order to ensure product safety conditions.