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Accumulator Maintenance

All the line manufactured by SH Hidráulica are interchangeable with any Brazilian or imported product.

We offer maintenance in accumulators of several brands and models.

Among the services performed by our highly skilled staff under the supervision of our engineering department, we can highlight:
• Accumulator Dismantling;
• Technical Evaluation of every component in the accumulator;
• The balloon reservoir, the sealing and split rings are changed during maintenance;
• Cylinder Tumbling (imperfection elimination as internal roughness), in order to provide less friction with the Reservoir Balloon and then longer useful life;
• External Cylinder blasting and cleaning;
• Hydrostatic Test in accordance to NR13 norm;
• Accumulator Assembly;
• Pneumatic Test;
• Preload;
• Hydraulic Test;
• Accumulator Painting.