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Balloon Reservoir or Balloon Nippon Model

SH Hidráulica Balloon Reservoirs are manufactured with process, equipment, machinery which are all controlled by a highly skilled staff.
They are supplied with a manufacturer serial number in order to help total traceability and identification.

There is a wide variety of balloons and polymer manufacturing criteria (rubber).

The Balloon Reservoir works as a split element between the fluid and the accumulator gas. This product is manufactured in two models: Standard and Stub End (Nippon).

We can use several types of polymers in the balloon manufacturing as:
• Buna N
• Natural Rubber
• Neoprene Rubber
• Butyl Rubber
• Viton A/B Rubber

Volumetric capacity, gas connection, pressure, temperature, fluid and fatigue cycle are considered in the manufacturing process.

Regular preload inspections are recommended in order to increase product useful life and better performance.